Chinese Dietary Therapy Cookbook
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Chinese Dietary Therapy Cookbook – Free Online Resource

Chinese Dietary Therapy Cookbook

Chinese Dietary Therapy: Self-Care Recipes for Health

Acupuncture is pretty magnificent when you think about it — that something we do for 20min to 1h in a day could affect how we feel during all the remaining hours! Like meditation, yoga, taiji, etc – building these small windows of self-care into our day can create profound changes over time. So, what about diet? Chinese medicine has so much to say on the subject. Some even consider Chinese dietary therapy to be its own pillar of Chinese medicine, distinct from herbal medicine, and complementary to acupuncture and qi gong practices.

Online Chinese Dietary Therapy Cookbook

To this end, I was looking up a recipe for a patient recently when I came across this cookbook: Traditional Chinese Medicine Medicated Diet Recipe Book. What a great reference! As an extension of Chinese herbal medicine (you’ll find a lot of Chinese herbs in the ingredient lists), it’s important to note Chinese dietary therapy requires a Chinese medicine differential diagnosis. Once you know you’re diagnosis, you can look up remedies under the header or “Actions/Indications/Functions” sections included with each recipe. The easiest way to do this, is run a search on the pdf for your keyword, e.g. “Lung” or “yin deficiency,” then you can skip to related recipes. As with all medicine, please consult your certified Chinese herbalist before exploring self-care options.

Sample Recipes

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