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Heartfelt Grounding Meditation

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Grounding Meditation: A Step One of Most All Energy Work

The more grounded you are, the more energy you can draw down for replenishment, healing, and manifestation. This near 25-minute guided meditation will assist you in opening your heart, reconnecting with your body and the Earth.

What does it mean to ground?

To feel grounded is to feel present, alive, safe, and supported. This isn’t the same kind of safety as control over our environment or what happens to us. It’s the kind of resilience and presence that says, “I am with myself, here, no matter what.”

To ground, then, is the intentional practice of coming back to the present moment, coming back into the body, and reconnecting with the Earth. In a way, it’s like landing or anchoring in and down. Energetically, we typically do this through the energy gates at the soles of the feet, Earth Star and Root chakras.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” size=”30″]It’s easy to get ungrounded when we are in pain or feeling afraid[/perfectpullquote]

How do we get ungrounded?

It’s easy to get ungrounded when we forget our resiliency and/or the beauty of life. When our fear or pain eclipses our ability to love, we can disconnect or pull away from our body. Interestingly, we also can get ungrounded when we feel over-excited or intoxicated.

What’s the risk of not grounding?

For energy workers, not grounding leaves them at a greater risk of moving out of their Center, and into resonance with their clients’ energy. This means it can be harder for them to hold a higher vibrational space for healing, both for themselves and their clients.

For ‘laypersons,’ the risk of not grounding is often seen in greater risk of physical injury. This could be quite minor, such as bumping an elbow on something you didn’t notice, to larger accidents such as not noticing oncoming traffic. They may also notice a tendency to pick up on other people’s emotions or physical ailments, especially if they’re empathic.

You might think of grounding as another way of looking at maintaining healthy or unhealthy boundaries. When we know where we stand, it’s easier to hold to our truth, and/or to say yes or no when we mean it. (Need more help with this? Come join us for a 7-week course in energy work and Reiki!)

It’s not just risk, but missed opportunity.

Not grounding also may mean you miss out on the richness and full beauty of the passing moment. The more present we are, the more we experience. The more we open to our experience, the more we notice. The more we notice, the more we appreciate. The more we appreciate, the more we *want* to be here. So you see, the more we ground, the easier it becomes to do so over time.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” size=”30″]The more we appreciate, the more we *want* to be here.[/perfectpullquote]

But what about all the painful and scary stuff?

I can imagine you’re thinking – but if I open to experience, that means I have to open to all the painful and scary stuff I’ve been trying to avoid. You’re right, you would. But the only way to get beyond the fear and pain of it, is to open up to ever greater truths, and ever greater love. Love is not discriminatory. So, we open to all of it.

This process of opening doesn’t have to happen over night. It can take years. That’s alright! And you don’t have to do it alone; there is support available to you! This is, in fact, a huge part of my Reiki practice — helping people find and love their being and body. There are also many types of counseling available to you, from Somatic Experiencing to EMDR to DBT, etc. For me personally, practicing Buddhism and the Cultivation of Loving Kindness has been indispensable in learning how to open my heart to greater and greater experience. For others, it can look like spending more and more time in nature. *However* we get there, I can assure you I’ve witnessed it time and time again – we *do* get there! It *is* possible to grow beyond these perceived limitations and painful experiences.

Heartfelt Grounding Meditation

It’s for this reason, I decided to finally put together this almost 25-minute grounding meditation that starts with opening the heart. I’ve noticed the regular grounding exercises you find online can be too difficult otherwise for folks simply unwilling to be in the body. It’s my hope listeners will remember how amazing this vehicle of their body is; and how pleasant it can be to be alive.

Grounding Meditation: The Power of Your Memory and Imagination

Photo: Svyatoslav Romanov (Unsplash)

Let inspiration guide you

The amazing thing about this process is, you don’t have to control your environment or what happens to you to be able to use this faculty of your mind. You don’t need to control anyone or anything outside of yourself to remember the gift that is your being in this body. You, solely, have the power to *want* to be here, now.

What do you notice now?

Your memory and imagination are two of your most powerful healing tools. May you use them, and use them often! As you use this heartfelt grounding meditation – would you willing to tell me what you notice? Leave us a comment!