trametes versicolor against HPV
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Chinese Medicinal Mushrooms Effective Treatment Against HPV

medicinal mushrooms against HPV//

New research is concluding that medicinal mushrooms and their extracts clear and eradicate Human Papillomavirus (HPV). –Source Article

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Article on Medicinal Mushroom Treatment of HPV

Medicinal Mushrooms Proving to Eradicate Human Papillomavirus

Author’s Key Points

• By age fifty, according to the CDC, 80% of sexually active women in the US will have had a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection
• Of the different strains, HPV-16 and HPV-18 can cause cervical cancer
• 90% of HPV infections are cleared within two years by the immune system
• Chinese medicinal mushrooms, namely Trametes Versicolor, Ganoderma lucidum, and Lentinula edodes, are proving to be an effective treatment for the remaining 10% who face a high risk of cervical cancer
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How do these herbs work in Chinese medicine?

雲芝 (Yun Zhi, Turkey Tail)

Turkey Tail in Chinese medicine is considered a sweet medicinal that is cool in nature and able to enter the Lung, Spleen and Liver channels. It is used to strengthen the Spleen and dispel damp; clear heat-toxin; and reduce tumors.

靈芝 (Ling Zhi, Reishi)

Reishi is considered a bland medicinal in Chinese medicine, warm in nature. It enters the Lung, Spleen and Kidney channels. It tonifies qi and calms the Spirit; stops cough and wheezing.

香菇 (Xiang Gu, Shiitake)

Shiitake is considered a sweet and neutral medicinal, able to enter the Liver and Stomach meridians. Its TCM actions include tonifying deficiency; strengthening the Spleen and appetite; expelling wind; transforming phlegm and regulating qi; resolve toxicity and anti-cancer.

What are their targeted therapeutic effects?

According to the research Stamets has compiled (see references), these medicinal mushrooms demonstrate the following effects:

How do I take them?

As with all Chinese medicinals, the best treatment is a holistic one. This is to say, one that treats the person, not their symptoms. The best way to take Chinese herbs is in formula, as prescribed by a licensed Chinese herbalist.