Comparing Reiki to Psychic Reading
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How Reiki for Situations Can Be More Helpful Than a Psychic Reading

Comparing Reiki to Psychic ReadingPhoto: Dawid Zawiła

The Benefits of a Psychic Reading

Getting a helpful psychic reading can feel reassuring, easing, or empowering. There is nothing better than hearing you’re on the right track, or that things will be smooth-going ahead. Certainly learning of potential pitfalls can be empowering as it enables you to plan ahead and make appropriate adjustments and preparations.

The Limitations of a Typical Reading

What we see is only as clear as the lens through which we see it. That can mean two things when it comes to your typical psychic reading: (1) The clarity of the reader; and (2) The clarity of the intention for the reading.

Clarity of the Reader

If you’ve noticed, we are a product of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical habits. How we do or don’t cultivate our habits impacts the way we meet and see life. You might think of this place of meeting life as a vibrational resonance. Some people talk about “lower vibrational” and “higher vibrational” resonance.  You can think of lower vibrational resonance as the ‘frequency’ of fear, survival, and the power-over paradigm. Higher vibrational resonance largely speaks to the attunement to love, abundance, and the power-with paradigm. Each person has a kind of natural frequency within this spectrum based on their conditioning, self-awareness, and self-cultivation habits. For this reason, clarity of the reader will always be a factor in any industry or practice– doesn’t matter if we’re talking psychic reading, Reiki treatment, or car repair.

Clarity of Intention

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”32″]What if there were another possibility better suited to your desires that you weren’t even aware of to ask about?[/perfectpullquote]

This is where I really see the difference between a typical psychic reading and treating a situation with Reiki. As a psychic reader, an individual is coming to the situation from the place of their limited consciousness, Ego. If a psychic reading were like opening a box to see inside the future, here we’re talking about going in for a reading and asking the person we’re entrusting to give us that reading to open the box and tell us what they see inside. But… what if there were more than one box?

Often, a psychic reader will open the box containing the ‘most-probable’ outcome based on current conditions and factors. But what if it were more helpful to open a box that contained a less-likely outcome, but an outcome that better suited your personal hopes/dreams? What if it showed you a possibility that exceeded your expectations or hopes, that you hadn’t even considered inquiring about? This is the power of Reiki.

Go Beyond the Ego

When we channel Reiki, we take up the egoless lens of Universal Light-and-Love. We channel Reiki for the highest and greatest good of all, in support of the individual’s personal intention for treatment. This means, in effect, that Reiki then sorts through the boxes of possibility and probability to open the most relevant one. And even better, it sorts through the contents of that box to highlight the most helpful insights relevant to the intention for treatment. In effect, Reiki is your best Executive-Assistant-meets-Triage-Nurse.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”32″]Reiki is your best Executive Assistant meets Triage Nurse[/perfectpullquote]

Take Response-Ability

The beautiful thing about treating situations with Reiki is the realization that we don’t have to change the situation to change how we feel about it. We can positively impact a situation by starting with making internal changes, and/or taking personal action.

Reiki can be so helpful for learning our place of response-ability in a situation, in highlighting the most benevolent outcome for all. It won’t do the work for you; and it won’t deny anyone the right to their own free will or choice. For this reason, it’s one of my favorite Reiki techniques to use for treating anything as big as “my life” to as specific as a “the current forest fires in the Pacific NW,” to “my upcoming job interview,” etc.

Want to Try It?

Book a treatment! Even better, learn how to do it yourself. In my experience, Reiki is a tool that never wears out, and never stops being helpful!