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Reiki for Depression: An Opportunity to Reframe Your Experience.

“Reiki for Depression: Patients dealing with the symptoms depression may benefit from participating in Reiki sessions.” (Source)


Article on Reiki for Depression

Reiki for Depression

Author’s Key Points

  • According to the WHO, depression affects approximately 400 million people around the world
  • In addition to working with your therapist and primary health care provider, Reiki can help as an adjunct therapy
  • Benefits of Reiki for those feeling depressed include better mental and physical balance, relaxation, stress-reduction, connection, all while helping to restore a client’s sense of control in their life.
  • Relevant research on the healing method shows Reiki aids in relaxation, reduces the symptoms of depression, and may reduce postoperative depression.
  • Reiki is best served when used in conjunction with other therapies, with multiple treatments over an extended period of time leading to long-term symptom improvement.

In my experience

My clients challenged by depression find Reiki can be encouraging in helping to reframe their experience. In other words, what if you were able to see the same situation in a new light? As a non-forceful energy, it’s encourages us to grow, while providing the support to do so. But it will never do the work for you, ha!! With Reiki, you are always in charge of your healing. All Reiki does is illuminate the areas and stories ready for healing. In this way, it’s like the best cheerleader — letting you know all the while that, “You can do this! You’ve got it! You’re doing it! You are your agent of change!”

Learn to treat yourself

The best part about Reiki is that while it’s helpful to see someone for care, you can also learn to do it yourself for self-healing– treating your body, mind, emotions, intentions and situations in your life. I decided to learn Reiki myself when I became good friends with a Reiki Master/Teacher in San Francisco, Shoshannah Beck (she’s now in Australia). Everything she said just made sense to me– so I thought, “Well, let’s do this already!” Now, 12 years later I use Reiki every day. I use it while driving or on the bus, I use it on my pet, I use it with clients, on my body, thoughts, emotions, objects, situations, in my communications, on the trajectory of my life — you name it! Want to try it for yourself? Come join us for an introductory 7-week course in energy work and Reiki healing. Enroll online; the next course starts April 27th.

Inspire Others

Has Reiki helped you manage your depression? I’d love if you’d share your story in the comments! ♥ Thank you!