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“Intuition, not intellect, is the ‘open sesame’ of yourself.”

–Albert Einstein, Einstein and the Poet (p16)

In the world of energy work, everything is alive; everything is energy vibrating at its own speed. As an agent in this world, we have the privilege to discover ourselves through our experiences and our exchanges. Each step is a self discovery through mutual co-creation, an opportunity to redefine how we know ourselves and others through our relationship to ourselves and others. Why not take a leap? Why not suspend, then, for a moment what you think you know and open to what is possible for you in this life. Allow your deepest truth to emerge. Let love dissolve your fears.

You intuitively know more than your mind would have you believe. All this kind of knowing takes is… practice!

Black Pine Holistic HealingWelcome to the Reiki blog of Melissa Dana, Reiki Master/Teacher and East Asian Medicine Practitioner (aka acupuncturist), founder and owner of Black Pine Holistic Healing here in Seattle, WA. Since 2007, I’ve made it my mission to help those seeking self-awareness, acceptance and ease. Over the years I have fielded many questions as about the nature of energy work, the Reiki ‘difference,’ and role of self in healing. May my services as Reiki practitioner and teacher serve as a guide for those of you still seeking answers and guidance along your path. To learn more about me, my background and services, visit

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Melissa Dana
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